About Us

About Us

Jodhpur Gifts| Flowers, Cake, Chocolates & Gifts, Same Day – Midnight etc:
What’s your best present bring for Jodhpur Gifts to your soul mate and friends? Waste no more time wondering it over and over again. We, at Jodhpur Gifts, strive to make your love and affection as real as possible. Emojis may not be good enough to send your real feelings to someone but real gifts are. Let’s not waste time anymore on the exchange of words through social media. Time is for the real feelings to reach their rightful end. Welcomes you to choose what he or she likes and put some toppings of gratifying love on it. Put the doubts at bay and express your affection to someone you care about.

Where Delivery is made right on Time:
Our team is committed to serving you timely. Every flower, every flavour of chocolate, and kind of Cake, they all hold a specific fragrance of your care and trust that must not fade away. Call us from wherever you reside or whatever you want to send your beloved with.  Jodhpur Gifts cares for your time and importance of love, our network of florists and bakeries are always on the run to make your moments memorable.

Call us anytime you want, you can expect an answer from us within moments, place your order online or via a call or WhatsApp, Our representatives will carry out the rest. Delivery is what team emphasizes on while they are working on your request. Surprise gifts are what we specialize in. When it is about same-day delivery, we are India’s best and fastest team to heed to your orders. Once placed, your gift will reach the destined person to the doorsteps.

Pre ad Post-Anniversary Celebrations with us:
Sweets complete every occasion and celebration. We process special orders on request for celebrations have no time to kick-off. Surprise your special ones with special Cakes and flowers before the clock hits midnight hours. With special messages and quotes inside a greeting card, Jodhpur Gifts ensures timely and free home delivery to any city in India.

Texting Happy Birthday or Happy Wedding Anniversary simply doesn’t match with your gift. Why not make your love-filled presence felt even from miles away. Also takes care of your special message you wish to deliver to your girlfriend, second half, sister, brother, mom, or dad. Because sometimes, we do believe what matters the most is a box filled with love in a box or a bouquet of aroma, and let’s not forget the wishes enclosed in a message.

Variety of Flowers, Cakes, and Chocolates at Doorstep:
First, you need to choose your favourite one out of a broad range of vibrant, colourful, fragrant, and fresh flowers. Jodhpur Gifts is not just limited to Lily, Orchids, Roses, Jasmine, or Carnation, here we something extraordinary to serve you better bringing glitter in your lover’s eyes that would surely make you smile more.

Special deliveries are always on our watch with combo gifts. You order, we process it within minutes. 1 & 2-Tier cakes dark to light chocolates to make you.

Jodhpur Gifts offers a diverse collection of gifts ranging from lavishly delicious cakes, a spectrum of vibrant & colourful flowers, and additionally, add some finest of chocolates with other combos selected on-demand.

Cities Where Our Costumer Support Service Available 24X7:
Not just Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Dehradun, Varanasi, Pune, and other major cities, Jodhpur Gifts rides and rolls with your requested deliveries across the lengths and breadths of India. The numbers are still adding up as. The Jodhpur Gifts team now serves in more than 500 hundred cities in India.

Celebration Means Jodhpur Gifts:
India is a land of festivals and celebrations where you don’t have any reason to celebrate. Festivities are on the top of your calendar be it Diwali, Holi, Mother’s Day, Raksha Bandhan, Father’s Day Christmas, or the most awaited Valentine’s week. Jodhpur Gifts keeps supporting your pushes of wishes and emotions to the right doorsteps. Exclusive Cakes and Flowers are delicately decorated to astonish you and your loved ones.

Jodhpur Gifts Flowers for the best way to Apologies
Flowers are also the simplest language to say you are sorry. Where words fail flowers speak your words the right way as it should be. A little sweet surprise is the other thing you need next to flowers. Gift carry is just a medium for you to surf the waves of sour moments and help. You reach the doors of the one meant marked by your love.

We Take Care of Cake Delivery for your Sweetest Ones:
Cakes symbolize your true love and affection and also fill your celebrations with wholeness. With a wide range of cakes flavoured with vanilla, strawberry, chocolates, pineapple, and many other exotic delicacies, Jodhpur Gifts Cakes are a specialty beyond description. With the quickest delivery team on the run, we bring the freshest taste and remarkable sweetness to add to your sweetest moments.

Break the Silence of Distance and Boundaries:
Mother’s Day is a very special occasion that everyone wants to be with their mothers if not possible, then wish their first friend in the best way they can treasure. Jodhpur Gifts presents you with special treats for this special day. Jodhpur Gifts flowers and cakes are exclusively prepared with the same caress and motherly love that will embellish your pious bond forever. What makes your mother feel special is your presence, no matter if you are away from her struggling to manage time to visit her. Jodhpur Gifts bridges every gap and expresses your emotions as they should be between you and your creator. Jodhpur Gifts has a wonderful plethora of designer cakes and fragrant flowers specially dedicated to your first friend and first love. Because the mother is the only one who offers you unconditional love and hears your first cry.

People are at priority for us and our team at  Jodhpur Gifts. Let us know when and how you wish your gift to be delivered. Whereabouts of the package will be taken care of by our team to help you resurface the cherished memories between you and the ones you care about the most in this world. We are readily available to process your special requests sand on-demand orders on the go. Let your uncontainable feelings be contained in the best of gifts you order at  Jodhpur Gifts.

Choosing us means Ultimate satisfaction:
Jodhpur Gifts guarantees ultimate satisfaction for customers for we are satisfied until you feel extraordinarily contented. For every first order, you place, gift carry has special discounted offers for you. We turn your experience further into a delightful experience with free delivery and the fastest service in your city. You can place orders online and make sure the timing delivery timing as you like while checking out.

Jodhpur Gifts Box the Surprise and you unbox it with Smile:
Let the little frictional relationship be smoothen up because it’s time to put on a lovely outfit for your lovely one. Acceptance is the key to happiness, and it is time to accept that you need to take some step to make it right. Jodhpur Gifts Offers special combo gifts for costumers from across India as well foreign countries. If your love is domiciled in Indian city, Gift carry team will assists you conveying your special feelings to them.